Monday, February 27, 2012

Wee Willie Wicked runs through the town; upstairs and downstairs….with an axe!

Hello Kiddies, how’s tricks? It’s me again, Wee Willie Wicked and today I'm feeling rather gruesome. Thomas let me out for a romp and I was having a hard time choosing whether or not to commit some sort of mayhem. Well, needless to say, at least according to the newspaper headlines, I didn’t. Or, maybe they just haven’t found what’s left of the body yet! Heh heh!

Basically, I was mostly good (I despise that word) this weekend, electing to jot down a few things that I've been up to instead. But, don’t think chilling thoughts didn’t cross my mind…because they did. I simply refrained from acting on them…mostly. Come to think of it…maybe that’s why Thomas only lets me out once in a while…him and I are going to have words!

Anyways, to start with I took in two great films, Hostel parts 1 & 2. This really put me in the mood. Nothing like the hacking and clipping off of toes and fingers and body parts with cutting implement to brighten one’s evening and get the blood pumping…know what I mean? It got me to thinking about writing my own tale of torture. Maybe when Thomas is finished with what he’s working on, he’ll let me pen it. Who knows? With any luck, he may even toss in a few of his ideas too. Regardless, watch for my upcoming review of both flicks at Horror News Net. And, I suspect I’ll be reviewing more than a few films this week. So far on tap: The Omen series and The Devil’s Advocate.

Check out this hot chick. Her name is Jennifer Kelly and she can be found here.

I stumbled upon a new paperback book this week. It’s called Killer Clown, the John Wayne Gacy Murders. I quickly leafed through it and was sort of let down at the end since they didn’t describe him frying in the chair. Nothing like a good shocker I always say!

Reggie, my pet rat, and Hairy, my tarantula, aren’t getting along these days. It seems that crickets are one of Reggie’s favorite foods too. My money’s on Hairy though…he appears to be quicker.

Thomas’ book, The Daily Death – How I Killed My Co-Workers in 30 Days seems to be generating interest. If you enjoy the macabre and haven’t explored it yet, maybe you should. Boy! did he wipe some folks out…24 to be exact…and I thought I was demented. While my tales may be horrific, they are typically farfetched and usually unrealistic, unlike the tales he wove in that book. Those could actually occur, making it all the more chilling. God help us if him and I ever put our minds together…By the way, he’s giving away five signed copies at GoodReads, which reminds me…maybe I should sign some pictures. Anyways, you can enter the contest here.

I finally planted my garden…Black Dragon Coleus, Moon Flowers, Dragon Tree Dracoema, a Venus Fly Trap and a few others… all the stuff a wicked clown would ever need. Now, if they would just grow quick. I’m really looking forward to watching a fly getting eaten. Maybe I’ll save some flesh and leave it lying around…you know…just for feedings.

Did you happen to catch this week's episode of the walking dead? Things are starting to pick up. There were more zombies in this episode than in the past couple and, if I’m not mistaken (and I usually am), I think one of them was an old flame I had previously dug up. Of course, I’m not so sure, with Hollywood and make-up and all, she was all gussied up. But, she still had that limp, and those blackened teeth…those deliciously biting blackened teeth…Ah! Memories!

Well, until next time ghouls, eat hearty, but do try to save some flesh for the rest of us.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Wee Willie Wicked finds his interview with Willie

So, where exactly did you come from Willie?

Well, to put it in Rod Serling’s immortal words, “from the pit of man’s fear to the summit of his knowledge.” Actually, I’m horror writer Thomas Scopel’s bad side…and boy does he have one. You should see some of the things he ponders…Of course, if you’ve already read some of his writings, I’m sure you understand.

So, where do you fit in the horror playground?

He and I are the perfect pair. He tends to typically stick to fiction, where I tend to explore a more gruesome wider range, i.e. films, books and basically everything creepy. I’m the one who writes about all those things. As a matter of fact, I just recently joined the staff at Horror News Net and am writing film reviews. I’m also considering trying to slash my way into other horror publications too. But, until I officially draw blood, I’m keeping all that under wraps.

What have you recently written? What are you currently working on?

At present I have just a few film reviews (click here to see some of them), and pieces on here. But, I suspect this will change rather quickly once the knife, err pen, gets fully sharpened. Heh heh. I’m a great fan of horror, both film and book, and never seem to get enough time to immerse as much as I’d like. And besides, with Thomas working feverishly on that Future Past novel of his I only get out for a romp occasionally. But, let me tell you kiddies, I certainly take advantage of it and the blood splatters when I do. Which reminds me…you know that Daily Death thing that he’s taking all the credit for? Well, it was actually my idea. Oh well, no use crying over red puddles. At least he put a picture of me in the book.
Regardless, right now I’m concentrating hard on a never ending array of horror films for Horror News Net, and remaining focused on blog writing. But, like I said…this will change soon enough…as the opportunities present themselves.

There are many people who are deathly afraid of clowns in any form, what do you have to say about that?

Personally, I can’t say that I understand it, that caulrophobia thing. But, I do sympathize. After all, we’re all scared of one thing or another. Usually, clowns are cuddly and lovable, only wanting to make you laugh. But, that’s the nice ones, the ones you see at the circus and children’s birthday parties. I tend to lean toward the darker side. But Hey! I still like to consider myself a nice enough jester too. For example, I’ll always wait until you turn to run in fear before plunging the blade into your back. Heh heh.

So Willie, who does your make-up?

MAKE-UP! What make-up?

What’s your favorite foods?

Oh, I’m just like any other ghoul. I prefer flesh….fresh and bloody. But, I won’t turn down a hearty rotted corpse teaming flies and their offspring meal either. Occasionally, as a light snack, especially when I’m creeping around in the shadows, I’ll crunch up a cockroach or two…just to tide me over until I can find my main course.

So what do you wear on Halloween?

I have this goat mask I made from…well…it doesn’t really matter where I got it…let’s just say it’s authentic and if I could fit it comfortable over this nose of mine, I’d wear it.

What does your family think of all this?

Since most of them have been err…consumed, my brother, Jack is the only one left. He’s a jester…waaaaay wickeder than I am. He wouldn’t even let me taste our parents’ still beating hearts. He was bigger than me and I was only hoping that they filled his gullet enough so that he wouldn’t be looking at me like the George Romero’s stumbling spawn does to their hapless victims. He’s supposed to visit sometime this year, probably around Halloween.

Well Willie, thanks for taking the….WILLIE!....WAIT….WHAT ARE YOU DOING? NO…DON’T……………AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!