Thursday, September 8, 2011

The webcast is coming together, but the rubber nose still gets in the way...

Hello Kiddies and welcome Wee Willie Wicked’s humble, rather gruesome abode.

Well, another week has passed and it’s almost time for the third Staying Scared with Wee Willie Wicked webcast.
For the past two shows, yours truly has flown by the seat of his colorful pants and simply let what happen….happen. Oh, the general gist of the concept was there. I had flubs and technical difficulties. I had to learn (which I still am) how to be programmer, director, controller and star all at once. Not only did I have to wear all those hats, But, I also have to add a prosthetic and make-up too. This was probably the toughest part, seeing with one eye, and over the last two webcasts, I learned a lot. Of course, it’s not exactly perfected just yet either and every subsequent week involves a little more tweaking.
For this week’s show, the plan is to begin developing a standard week after week show format. While nothing is set in stone just yet, I do have a rough idea of what this show is all about and of what is yet to come. Coincidently, I'm also seeking a standard intro and exit song too. 
General examples include:

·    The reading of a short 500 word horror tale and when the time comes, (probably within the next couple of weeks), putting a requesting call out to all my writer friends and allowing them to add their voice to the show. However, just as a test run, this week I’ll be reading one of my own. Here's a few links of the writer folks I had in mind:

and so many more...

 ·    Reviewing the latest horror book, film or television show. Note: On Staying Scared: The Official Blog of Thomas Scopel (find it here), I’ve reviewed the new horror movie Apollo 18 and it is a good example of the types of reviews I intend. It is also a great place to find out about some of the tales I've written and am writing, 

·     A giveaway is always fun and this week I’m giving away the soundtrack (both vinyl and CD) of the Drive-In Horrorshow soundtrack signed by Greg Ansin.

·    Broadcasting a public domain (free of copyright infringing) horror of sci-fi movie. Usually these are rather cheesy, but grand classic fun. George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead is an example and was the very first movie shown on Staying Scared with Wee Willie Wicked. However, this week’s movie is Horror Express starring Christopher Lee & Peter Cushing.

·    And, oh yes, there will commercials. But, these are not your typical commercials, no no! The only ones to be shown on Staying Scared with Wee Willie Wicked will have at least some sort of horror and typically will be horror movie trailers (both new and old), in between segments.

·  And, as always, yours truly will be nearby for a live chat session.

This is what I suspect will become the standard format of the Staying Scared with Wee Willie Wicked webcast. Of course, there will be bugs and glitches along the way and the first month (as expected) is a testing phase. This week I will be implementing timing, pace and format organization, as well as verifying how well the show translates over to radio.

So, creep on over here at midnight on Saturday night, (or watch it right here on Wic's blog below). I’ll be live on chat and feel free to voice your opinion. I’m always open for constructive criticism or potential show ideas and I value all suggestions.

Stay Scared,

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Future of Horror Radio?

Hello fellow horror fiends,

Well, last week’s Staying Scared with Wee Willie Wicked webcast was quite dreadful fun and I’m looking forward to this week's show. Yours truly will be discussing things like upcoming horror movies, watching trailers, talking about AMC’s The Walking Dead, having a giveaway, and viewing The Last Man on Earth starring Vincent Price. It should be tremendously ghoulish fun. Feel free to creep in. Stay for a while and maybe chat a bit.

This week I had the opportunity to speak with a friend of mine, Joann Hamann-Buchanan, the host of The Eclectic Artist Cave, a show on the Shark Radio Network (formally FATE Radio). She mentioned maybe putting Staying Scared with Wee Willie Wicked into their weekly schedule line-up and told me who to talk to if I was interested in jumping onboard.

So, for the next hour or so, this person and I chatted about the prospect and I am considering joining and taking a Saturday night at 1:00 am EST slot. Of course, nothing is confirmed yet, but the person, the head honcho, the big cheese, did make the offer to contact him when I was ready to go. This time is perfect, but I’ll need to develop a few things first.

I just started this webcast concept, primarily on a whim, thinking it would be fun to discuss horror dressed as my alter ego, a wicked clown…Chilly Billy Bill Cardille of Pittsburgh’s channel 11 Chiller Theater fame has always been sort of a hero to me and I suppose this is my small way of keeping the legacy going. However, if I’m going to do this as a regular weekly thing, I’ll need to refine a few things.

First off, I wouldn’t want to provide a show that doesn’t offer quality. There are already too many webcasts where you can simply watch someone’s cat or dog frolic about or view the last drunken party. This type of webcast I will never provide or even be associated with. Don’t get me wrong, there all fine and good…just not my cup of poisoned tea.

And, in order to put on my envisioned webcast, I’ll need to add specific technical equipment to personal setup as well as create a standard and consistent.

So, this upcoming week I am exploring this deeply and brainstorming ideas and who knows, maybe I’ll have everything in place for a special Halloween show debut…at least that’s the current plan. We’ll see.

On the writing side, I’ve put more down on a new novel called Future Past. I am 99% finished with both The Christmas Help (a tale describing how the workshop at the North Pole was affected by a zombie plague and how they solved the dilemma), aimed at Open Casket Press (A Living Dead Press imprint) and The Sidewalk Ends (a tale exploring the next literal step beyond a physical sign). A Lawnly Existence is coming along nicely and Willard, the gentleman in the tale may very well win that coveted best-lawn award, but at what cost.

Besides these, I’ve started tales aimed for the Evil Jester Press anthology Toys in the Attic and a 500 word piece for The Eclectic Artist Cave readings where the subject has to be and include the word masks. 

Also, Twitch, my e-novella is available at Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble for only 99 cents.

And, the NorGus Press anthology Look What I Found will be out soon. It includes my story The Pumpkin Patch.

Until next week kiddies…

Stay Scared,